BIBLE PROPHECY - The Tribulation In Detail

PART 4  

For those that just tuned in, what you are about to hear is the “Universal News Broadcast.”
This broadcast has been put together in such a way that it LOOKS BACK on the events of Israel’s rebirth, the Rapture, Tribulation, Battle of Armageddon and Christ’s return, as if these events had already happened. This broadcast is being presented, as if we were broadcasting during the Millennium.

Nearly everything concerning these events in the Bible, as well as in current events and technology—have been considered and should be included.

During the Millennium, EVERYONE left on earth knows the God of heaven is the Father, and Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son, Who is come in the flesh. EVERYONE knows the Bible is His Word, and everything the Bible said that would happen up to this time did indeed happen.
The deceiver, that is, Satan, is now bound in the bottomless pit, and he can deceive no one in their thoughts any longer during the Millennium.
Jesus Christ is reigning as King of kings and Lord of Lords. When He returned during Armageddon, the saints were with Him.
It is no longer a question of “if it will happen.” As of this time, it is a fact—it has happened.